place to start, then you can go on to a pay tattoo site.

At a pay tattoo site you have access to a tattoo artist who can customize that Google design or take your idea & draw a custom piece. This means that you'll have a design you like, two that is yours. Most pay sites have a forum, so you can check out the recent posts or ask a query & get a variety of answers or opinions from other tattoo enthusiasts about any tattoo subject to help your research.

Everyone goes to Google Images to search for a new tattoo design & plenty of people find two that they like, but there's plenty of people who finish up with the same design. So, Google Images is a nice.

You require a new tattoo. Tribal ambigram tattoos are becoming popular. Naturally, you'll go online to research the different variations & pick out two to take to your tattoo artist. But wait! Tattoos are highly personal, & while plenty of tattoos are similar, you probably don't require two exactly like hundreds or thousands of other people's tattoos.