There is no other part of the human body other than the lower back that highlights the feminine grace of a woman's body. The beautiful curves and the delicate nature of a woman's body all converge at the lower back. Be it the wings of a butterfly or a bunch of flowers on sinuous vines, a tastefully done tattoo design on the lower back can look as beautiful as sensuous. Tattoo designs for lower back are V-shaped. They usually have a central theme located at the middle of the lower back with swirls and curls radiating out of it that blend seamlessly with the sides of the back. These are specially shaped to accentuate the hourglass shape of the female form. Besides the beauty that it gives to the wearer, lower back tattoos gain their popularity from the fact that the lower back with its large, flat surface is a suitable place for making a tattoo. Also tattoos in this area can be either hidden by clothes or can be worn sensuously peeping out of a pair of low waist jeans or bikini.