How long have you been trying to find some wonderful tattoo back designs? Many of you are still looking, having gone through no less than 2000 tattoos that are very generic. Seeing this much cookie cutter junk is a whole lot more common than you think, but like the title says, two sneaky tricks will bring you to a fresh new world, where you can pick from original, perfectly drawn tattoo back designs.

I like to think that I know quite a bit about tattoos. I have quite a few (7) and I love to do research about them. That's why I took it upon myself to figure out why so many people were complaining about seeing a mind numbing amount of awfully generic artwork every time they surfed the web for tattoos. The reason is actually very simple: An inordinate number of us are still relying on search engines to show us where the great artwork sites are. They don't work, though. You will run into every galley that has generic tattoo back designs, but that's about it.