Bali Temporary Tattoos Design Pictures

The symptoms of contact dermatitis include :
• itching
• swelling
• redness of the skin
• raised skin area
• blisters that may break open and ooze, crust, or scale, possibly causing an infection.
It the cases of temporary tattoo with PPD contained-dye, the symptoms may range from mild reaction with a raised, itchy area where the tattoo pattern was, but may cause more severe reactions include pustules, blisters, oozing sores, intense itching, and these often leave long-term scars on people.
Because PPD can cause delayed type hypersensi-tivity reactions on the skin, the onset of the reaction may begins 1 day to 3 weeks after the PPD contained-dye been applied, even may occur up to 6 weeks after exposure. Sometimes the blisters come up while the black pattern is still visible, and other times the blisters appear when the pattern has faded. Although rare, severe cases to PPD have been described in which the patients developed severe edema (swelling), irritation of the eyes and face and also difficulty In breathing.
Some people may have one PPD con-talned-tattoo with no reaction, but may have a severe reaction with the next exposure.
Your health care provider will prescribe cream or ointment to stop the itching and other symptoms. You may need to take antihistamine pills to help stop any itching and allergic reaction. If your skin problems are severe, your health care provider may prescribe anti-inflammatory medicine, such as prednisone. But if you develop any signs of infection, you need to have antibiotic treatment.......